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Implementing Digital Methods in Inspection

Posted by: pervidi on: June 29, 2020

Inspections are often faulted for being out-of-date and not providing accurate information to people when needed the most. Paperless checklists through digital methods in inspection represent a quick-fire cure for both issues. Keep your business in line with any industry regulation; ISO 45001 for example, whilst enabling inspectors to record better data. Mobile devices allow you take pictures with the camera, scan barcodes of assets, record GPS timestamps, access any reference material, and give input via talking through speech-to-text. Try doing that with pen and paper.

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Physical Distance Alerts added to Pervidi

Posted by: pervidi on: June 21, 2020

If a worker is reported ill, Pervidi will dramatically mitigate the risk of breakouts or site closures by immediately identifying all workers that have been in contact in a nearby physical distance with that worker, thereby expediting illness and exposure investigation.  All information is stored within the customer’s own Pervidi database (cloud or on-premise) and is only accessible by the Pervidi customer.  Only the device ID, the Worker ID, the date/time and who has come into contact with them in a nearby physical distance are collected.  Nothing else.

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Physical Distancing Alerts Application

Posted by: pervidi on: June 15, 2020

In April 2020 Cedar Meats, located in Melbourne Australia, was officially affected by COVID-19 after the first case of an employee testing positive for the virus was recorded. The plant was not closed down and was still in production at that time. Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer at the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria said: “maybe we shouldn’t have waited to close the Cedar Meats abattoir after the first cases were recorded.”.

It is possible that a physical distancing alert application and access to contact tracing reports would have a made a difference; potentially preventing Cedar Meats from shutting down after the first case.

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Why Invest in Your Inspection Software?

Posted by: pervidi on: February 27, 2020

When considering your business processes, it’s important to avoid overspending and making sure you get a good solution and ROI. For inspection services, it’s easy to think that printing out paper checklists or choosing a free paperless app, is a cheap sure-fire way to minimising costs. This way of thinking might not seem so straightforward and correct when a safety issue slips through and strikes or an asset malfunctions leaving you with high maintenance, legal or reparation costs.

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Paperless Field Service

Posted by: pervidi on: February 23, 2020

Paperless field service application for tablets and smart phones. Use the camera, speech to text, date stamp to record & report work orders & service in real time. Automatic corrective actions and notifications, save time with paperless application. In the past, service organisations completed a process of manual data input for service jobs in the field, which was time-consuming and subject to human error. As the technology evolved into the digital era, service providers recognised the need for a robust paperless field service application that could automate servicing requirements, minimise the company’s reliance on paper and report discrepancies and corrective actions in real-time.

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Electronic Forms and Digital Inspection

Posted by: pervidi on: February 21, 2020

How can you justify spending corporate money and time on a system that automates inspections? The first aspect to take into consideration when justifying spending money is ‘intangible’ benefits that assist with daily activities. The second aspect addresses management and budget considerations using a simple ‘rule of thumb’ to conservatively estimate and measure tangible benefits. Therefore, the same software solution can address a myriad of issues and business processes within your organisation, including safety audits of fall protection equipment, lifting and rigging, cranes, OHS, fire protection, HVAC, property audits and pre purchase inspections, etc.

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Digital Forms with the Checklist App

Posted by: pervidi on: February 10, 2020

Paperless checklist apps have a plethora of features which are common across all platforms and mobile devices. The speech-to-text feature enables you to save time on the go, capturing data input or additional notes. Applications also commonly allow for GPS and timestamps to be integrated with checklists, even so when you are offline without internet connection; especially helpful for businesses who designate locations to the task and are dependent moving around. There is also often the availability to include reference material like manuals, inductions, industry regulations, drawings and images onto checklist or sub-checklist parts, sometimes with the further function of annotating them.

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Digital Australian Standards Checklist on Mobile Devices

Posted by: pervidi on: February 3, 2020

Australian standards and regulations are continuously being introduced and updated to ensure businesses are operating safely and efficiently. Digital checklists allow users to simply add newer versions of standards and regulations to ensure they are abiding by the latest updates and are able to access them while in the work. Only a number of years ago it was simply unachievable for business to work digitally and access numerous important documents. An indication of the pervasiveness of mobile devices in the field can be gauged from the fact that in late 2013 the sales of smartphones exceeded the sales of conventional cell phones for the first time.

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Choosing the correct mobile device for inspection

Posted by: pervidi on: January 27, 2020

Mobile devices differentiate with the product’s specifications and capabilities. Inspectors must consider what is needed for an effective inspection to be made and consider how different features can optimize an inspection. Device factors that should be consider are:

– Touch Screen: Ability to draw and make notes on the screen (e.g. using gloves, or in harsh conditions)
– Speech to Text: Ability to create and store notes verbally
– Camera Ability: Zoom and high resolution imagery
– Screen Size: How big the screen needs to best host the software and operate
– Mobile device Size: The convenience and mobility working with the device – what is the best device size for the task
– Storage: Ability to store large files and data banks.

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Benefits of Paperless Inspections using Mobile Technology

Posted by: pervidi on: January 21, 2020

By the time a call to action’s made, business operations are already compromised by safety issues. That scenario has changed as paperless safety inspection becomes the standard across industries where regular inspection and maintenance are necessary.

Digital inspections and mobile technology bridged the time gap between inspection, corrective actions and reporting. Mobile solutions and apps are now available to accommodate different inspection parameters and safety concerns, with real time data and visuals with the use of smartphones or any other mobile devices.

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