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Manufacturing processes and inspections

Posted by: pervidi on: June 13, 2018

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the industrial world, providing materials and/or products for virtually every industry. With advancements in technology and methodology, it is little surprise that manufacturing processes and inspections need the best management systems. Until recently, the regular paper checklist was the assumed tool for management and inspection of all forms, audit, QA, safety etc. Thanks to mobile devices, inspections and management now have much more powerful and easy-to-use tools for efficient and accurate monitoring.

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Civil engineering & construction projects

Posted by: pervidi on: May 30, 2018

Paperless inspection solutions are revolutionising every inspection, audit, quality assurance and compliance check for businesses and organisations, giving high accuracy data and the ease of mind that everything is under control. Now even available on ‘rugged devices’ – mobile devices suitable for the construction workplace or engineering sites, paperless inspection solutions are presenting a better and better argument for their implementation across business.

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Agriculture inspections amongst modern times

Posted by: pervidi on: May 14, 2018

Agriculture is one of the cornerstones of the Australian economy. Latest estimates put farms as covering ~60% of Australia’s total landmass with a variation in types and climates; showing the significant role it has in Australian society. With shifting environments, both natural and within the industry, the future of farming lies in embracing new technologies and enhancing the technology currently available.

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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a new standard, ISO 45001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements” to aid in further preventing work-related accidents. Providing a framework to improve conditions and employee safety in the workplace, the new standard is centralized around the idea of reducing possible risks. The standard follows other industry standards such as OHSAS 18001 and its expected full publication is March 2018.

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Water-Based Tourism: Streamlining your safety

Posted by: pervidi on: April 24, 2018

The nature-based tourism sector contributes approx. AU$23 billion p.a. to the Australian economy with close to 4 million international nature visitors to Australia every year. A great portion of this is due to water-based tourism. With a thriving watersports culture and great tourist attraction such as the Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road and Sydney Harbour, there is no question that the sea has a great effect on the Australian economy. This also highlights the importance of both thorough safety inspection and legal regulation of the areas and those operating within it.There are several features that make mobile devices a great platform for water-based tourism to use within inspection.

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Safe procedures and mining inspection methods

Posted by: pervidi on: April 17, 2018

IS-certified mobile devices give inspectors the possibility to use software as a method for recording, with all the features and functionalities of a smartphone associated with it. The camera function, speech-to-text services and easy annotation on the device gives inspectors a versatile input method. Inspection checklists can therefore become a more detailed and accurate piece of recording. The glaring problem of inspection methods in mining is that there is rarely a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signal strong enough to penetrate the earth’s bedrock. The latest digital inspection checklists combat this through offline recording abilities meaning no inspector is location restricted. The GPS timestamp function is also a great tool for mining inspectors. Paperless solutions also represent a valuable inspection method for those managing the process. In-depth analysis and metrics means dynamic reports can be created via the software. This, like the storage of the data can be in-house or through cloud based computing, removing the need to store dusty paper checklists storage spaces. As machinery continues to evolve and the materials sought shift, the best way to stay ahead of incidents is through digital inspection checklists.


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The modern music event is more than just a platform, act and crowd. High-end equipment and intricate procedures require careful management, inspection and oversight.

Modern festivals and music performances are a result of effective organization and supervision. High-end equipment and intricate procedures require careful management, inspection and oversight. This is not only for the part of the event that the consumer experiences, but also everything that happens backstage and surrounding the event in logistics before, during and after the event. With music events having a designated time-slot and often requiring a quick turnaround, automating inspections provides numerous benefits. Music event inspections can be quick and effective, whilst still ensuring the highest degree of conformity.

Pervidi Paperless Inspections provide a dynamic way of modernizing the inspection industry. The software uses a combination of features that speeds up the inspection process.  Clients can be shown reports, and records can be easily provided for any external use. For the inspector, the applicable additional records and informational material, can be easily attached for each inspection section. Another benefit working complimentary to this, is the diverse recording methods that paperless inspection software can provide. Speech to text, camera and annotation, are examples of several ways in which operators and inspectors can make a quick and easy input. As few event venues are the same, music inspections require a diverse, often adaptable way of recording and checking.

Electronic paperless inspection/job management solutions, combined with tailoring to individual businesses, means all aspects of safety, efficiency, job management and procedure can be improved from printed methods. Using mobile devices to perform inspection is a sure-fire way to ensuring music events maximize the enjoyable experience for everyone.

Key benefits from digitalizing music event inspections:

  1. Time-effective inspection through quick, easy to use software
  2. Adaptable checklists with correct documentation attached
  3. Diverse inspection input and recording methods

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Paperless Facilities Inspections using Mobile Technology

Posted by: pervidi on: October 5, 2017

The process of inspection and regular maintenance requires paperwork that goes through the process of data gathering/compilation, encoding, analysis, corrective actions and reporting.  By the time a call to action’s made, business operations are already compromised by deficiencies issues. That scenario has changed as paperless facilities inspection becomes the standard across the industry where regular/periodical inspection and maintenance are necessary.

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Posted by: pervidi on: August 14, 2017

Pervidi software betters a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with multiple tools, each developed for a targeted audience and means of use: Desktop Software, Mobile Device Software, Web Portal, Tablet Software, or iPhone utility.

CMMS allow companies to develop records of maintenance work on their assets, facilities and inventory. It is of vast importance that businesses ensure that machinery and equipment is preforming at it’s optimal condition and that any unnecessary operational downtime is avoided. Pervidi’s CMMS software can automate the maintenance requirements of businesses to improve efficiency. CMMS assists maintenance managers and businesses to increase productivity and accuracy, saving their company not only money but creating effective long term operational workflows.


Some of the benefits of using a smartphone Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) are:

  • Enables users to efficiently and effectively plan and execute tasks meant to maintain operations and assets.
  • Ideal for equipment maintenance and asset management.
  • Adds value to operations and increases return on investment and extend the useful life of assets and equipment.
  • Assist in ensuring maximum uptime of equipment critical to the production and operation of the business.

pervidi cmms

Pervidi CMMS can be implemented into many industries to improve efficiency.


CMMS Features

These five smartphone features are capable of being implemented using Pervidi’s CMMS system. Businesses can introduce these features into their operation, and ensure they are implementing the most efficient work procedures and practices for their CMMS with the latest mobile technology.

1. Voice Recognition – Speech recognition, now a standard feature in all new smartphones, provides technicians a fast and effective way to record and store information for later reference when completing maintenance activities.

2. Camera / annotation – Documenting maintenance on camera helps capture the technician’s visual point of view and provides others a specific record of the asset and findings. Onscreen annotation allows technicians to highlight key areas in photographs that are of interest or concern and also describe the event or deficiencies.

3. Reference Material – Reference material such as safety instructions, drawings, user manuals, relevant codes and standards can be stored on the smartphone and viewed in a matter of seconds, without any need to carry piles of paper anymore.

4. On/Offline Reporting – There may be locations during field work where the technician may have limited access to internet/ Wi-Fi and/or service data. Pervidi paperless CMMS allows the user to work offline with data being uploaded subsequent to getting connected to a network.

5. Data/time/GPS stamp – Technicians can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic date and time stamps as well as where it was recorded.


Pervidi’s CMMS Benefits

Each implementation of Pervidi is tailored to your needs in a cost-effective manner.  Therefore, our product will address your exact requirements and business needs without the need to adjust your business around technology:

– Enter your repair and service activities on a hand-held device.

– Manage Work Orders and get automatic alerts for pending tasks.

– Quickly analyze your service records, needs and patterns.

– Securely access your records from any computer.

– Provide periodic reporting automatically delivered to any email.


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Inspection Software

Posted by: pervidi on: June 21, 2017



Enabling your organization to manage ANY type of inspection, audit, or quality assurance activity is the core of Pervidi. Withyou can easily configure any template/form to meet your specific requirements and regulations, you can use Pervidi as a point-solution (which automates a specific requirements such as crane inspection for example), or expand the use of Pervidi to track multiple competencies and areas.

Automatic Corrective Actions

You can configure Pervidi to automatically create Corrective Actions based on deficiencies recorded by your inspectors.. These Corrective Actions can be automatically emailed to the appropriate user with all the information required to rectify or correct the deficiency.

Proactive Triggers and Notifications

Pervidi’s Trigger engine automatically emails alerts, notifications and reports based on dynamic criteria defined by you! For example, Pervidi can send a weekly email to area supervisors with all the overdue activities in their areas.

Custom Reports

Working together with Pervidi’s in house technicians you can specify your means of your use and the appropriate output for the data collected through your inspection process/checklist. Custom reports can be created specifically for your businesses needs. Please discuss with us your businesses needs to allow our data technicians to advise you on the best possibly solution for your business and inspection process.

Pervidi software being used to generate a custom report for a clients specific needs.

Deficiency Life Cycle

Pervidi tracks deficiencies and ensures a complete cradle-to-grave life cycle, including alerts and management reporting. This ensures that all deficiencies are addressed promptly.

Mobility and Data Collection

Inspectors often lack the tools to effectively collect data in the field and are forced to rely on clipboards or notebooks. Pervidi solves these challenges by providing inspectors with intuitive mobile applications that dramatically improve field activities. Combining handheld devices, software, and web portals, inspectors can perform their tasks faster, easier, and more accurately.

Easy to use

Can be used to automate ANY type of inspection
Can track any type of asset such as cranes, safety stations and devices, etc.
Completely eliminates paper
Integrated pictures/images and enables doodling/marking your pictures
Integrated barcodes (optional)
Includes electronic signatures and timestamps
Template creation tool allows you to incorporate your own checklists and templates
Focus on exceptions and ‘failures’
Pervidi enables you to automate your entire inspection process , including corrective actions, reminders, alerts and escalation procedures.

Improve Productivity

Pervidi significantly improves productivity and reduces operational costs, using the following components:

Software to automate all aspects of your maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections.
Smartphones to record results electronically
Triggers to automatically send email alerts and reminders.
Web portal to record data and view reports using any browser.


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To find out more about the digital safety inspections view the link below
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Or learn more about Pervidi and our features
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