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Digital Stock Inspection and Inventory Management

Posted by: pervidi on: September 14, 2020

Stock inspection and inventory management can also benefit from other features on premium inspection solutions, such as standardised response checklists or automatically suggested corrective actions. These alongside with visual reporting through the mobile device camera can increase data uptake speed and provide straightforward reporting methods. Too often inspectors are having to sift through large checklists to find relevant material or spaces to record because of the difficulty to keep records and checklists up to date. In retail this is a particular problem, as inventory can shift rapidly both out to the customer or in with variations in orders, returns or centralised stock management. This highlights another benefit of paperless solutions; the digital application can be hosted via in-house servers or on the cloud (SaaS). This means there aren’t countless stock sheets from suppliers or inventory management checklists that constantly need to be changed/are an outdated version.

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