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Digital Ventilation Inspection is Key to Workplace Safety

Air filtration and general ventilation systems often have highly technical specifications and requirements, meaning it is important to understand how they work and how they can be inspected to prevent issues. The general classification system is based upon Particulate Matter Efficiency (ePM). The International Organization for Standards (ISO) outlines test procedures and specifies general requirements for assessing and marking filters in ISO 16890. The standard’s overview of how these systems should be documented is best married with a digital ventilation inspection solution. Digital ventilation inspection can use mobile technology and simple inspection processes to gain insightful and valuable data that is sometimes unattainable through regular pen and paper inspection. By using features such as the device camera and touchscreen to take pictures and annotate, make drawings or scan barcodes/RFID; mobile devices give users a dramatically quicker way to gain data. Inspectors can likewise make use of standards such as ISO 16890 in the inspection checklist, adding specific parts that will demonstrate compliance with these industry guidelines.

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