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Fire Inspections using Mobile Devices

Digital inspection software carries numerous benefits to the aged printed solution. As fire safety devices and equipment are located in specific locations, bringing paper checklists is a cumbersome dated method. New features within inspection software remove the need for large storage of inspection records and for inspectors to carry lengthy, often out-of-date checklists. Mobile devices represent a safe and versatile tool in the hands of the inspectors. They are even available as intrinsically safe or as a rugged device, depending on the hazardous nature of the environment. Camera and touchscreen annotation gives a new input method, as well as new data to be analysed. The speed of input can also be reduced by using speech-to-text services or standardised response. Scanning of barcodes is a further input available. There really are a plethora of new features that mobile devices and paperless inspection software can introduce to the inspection process. 

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