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Intrinsically Safe Mobile Inspections

Intrinsic safety is a requirement that may be applicable to devices that are being operated in areas with flammable gases or fuels. It means a preventative protection method employed in potentially explosive atmospheres. Certificate intrinsically safe tools/devices prevent the release of sufficient energy to cause ignition of flammable material. There are differing regulations and requirements which dictate how mobile devices are certified and manufactured in order to be used as intrinsically safe certified device. There are mainly two regulatory bodies and certifications:  – ATEX (‘Atmospheres Explosive) – mainly in recognised in Europe and IECEx, (International Electro technical Commission) mainly recognised internationally. Few companies design and manufacture intrinsically safe mobile devices. One of the latest certified intrinsically safe tablet is the Zone 1/21 & DIV 1 tablet computer based on Samsung GALAXY Tab Active.

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