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Key Features

Firms looking for a CMMS software suite will come across a great number of vendors. Some products will be “out-of-the-box” while others will give you the option of customizing the software to the unique systems and procedures which your firm has previously used for maintenance management. However all computerized maintenance management systems should offer the functionality discussed below.

Detailed Asset Register

The product should be able to store detailed information about each and every item or asset that requires maintenance. If you require atypical information to be recorded for certain items, the solution should be able to be customized to allow you to add that information to the register.

Preventative Maintenance Tools

Besides the ability to track maintenance work, a CMMS software suite should allow you to schedule preventative maintenance. Alerts can be created so that when an item or asset is due to be serviced or reaches some level where it needs to be serviced, the manager can take the appropriate action is a timely manner.

Work Order Tracking

Computerized maintenance management systems should allow you track each work order so that you can determine the estimated completion time and the cause of any delays. Checking up on the progress of work orders can help managers with planning and efficiently using all company resources.


CMMS software suites should provide a comprehensive reporting functionality. Report creation should be easy and quick to ensure that decision-makers are presented with up-to-date and accurate information at all times. You should also be able to create your own custom reports in addition to pre-formatted templates.

Cost Analysis

The costs associated with maintenance is critical to maintenance managers. For this reason being able to analyse the cost used up on servicing assets and items is an important piece of functionality.


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