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Safe procedures and mining inspection methods

Posted by: pervidi on: April 17, 2018

IS-certified mobile devices give inspectors the possibility to use software as a method for recording, with all the features and functionalities of a smartphone associated with it. The camera function, speech-to-text services and easy annotation on the device gives inspectors a versatile input method. Inspection checklists can therefore become a more detailed and accurate piece of recording. The glaring problem of inspection methods in mining is that there is rarely a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signal strong enough to penetrate the earth’s bedrock. The latest digital inspection checklists combat this through offline recording abilities meaning no inspector is location restricted. The GPS timestamp function is also a great tool for mining inspectors. Paperless solutions also represent a valuable inspection method for those managing the process. In-depth analysis and metrics means dynamic reports can be created via the software. This, like the storage of the data can be in-house or through cloud based computing, removing the need to store dusty paper checklists storage spaces. As machinery continues to evolve and the materials sought shift, the best way to stay ahead of incidents is through digital inspection checklists.


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