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The Benefits

CMMS software allows you to keep a track of all your assets, facilities and inventory. You can manage maintenance work without the use of costly and time consuming paper systems. Managers can establish how much resources, both financial and human, are being spent on the maintenance of each asset and make an assessment as to the best course of action. These benefits are expanded on below.

Understanding Cost Performance

It may be difficult to keep a track of costs without a computerized maintenance management system. Maintenance history is updated as it occurs giving decision-makers the ability to make informed decisions with fresh data. In the past this may have been difficult to assess accurately and in a timely manner leading to wrong decisions or equally problematic, non-decisions.

Easier Processes

Some companies have very complex workflows using a paper-based work order system. The process is often simplified using CMMS software coupled with mobile devices such as PDAs (persona digital assistants) which can send data wirelessly from the field to the central database. There is no need for filing systems, double entry and confusing and slow loading Excel spreadsheets.

Risk Management Benefits

Well-maintained assets and facilities means less workplace accidents. Staying on top of your firm’s maintenance requirements ensures that employee safety obligations are met. These obligations could be legislative regulations which means non-compliance can lead to serious sanctions.

Prevent Unnecessary Downtime

CMMS software will alert managers to when preventative maintenance is required. When using a non-electronic process, there is always the chance that preventative maintenance work orders will be overlooked or “slip through the cracks”. Thus there would always be the possibility of unnecessary downtimes which could cost the firm dearly.



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